April 2019

President's Message

First of all, I would like to thank Linda Celestre for her leadership of our club for the last three years. Her guidance and support has made my transition to President so much easier and successful. I would also like to thank the board, past and present, for their dedication to the club which has guaranteed that we will continue to be a vibrant group of ladies who love the game of golf.

We got an early start to the 2019 season and have embraced many of the changes and improvements available to us through technology and experiences from past years. This year, Golf Genius will be an integral partner for purposes of recording scores, determining pairings for our team play, and recording our birdies. The Pro Shop Staff has a great understanding of the system and how it can best serve our needs.

This year, the USGA has implemented many changes to the rules that are designed to increase the pace of play. It is extremely important that we "practice" using the rules whenever we can and help each other along the way.

I encourage everyone to participate in our events this year and thank those who have donated their time and expertise to make our club better and better each year. Let’s have some fun!

Chris Herauf — RHWGC President

Membership Update

Many thanks to all our members. The renewal process went well and we were all on time - well, a week late, but that's "on time" in my book. We lost 6 ladies, but gained 3 for a final number of 72 members. Hope to see all of you out on the course(s).

Catherine (aka Cat) Crispel, Membership Chair



From Julie Martinson: the number of ladies who still work gets less and less each year, so don't be afraid to sign up to play on the weekend.

From Kristi Olson: I will be sending out an email with more information/requests for my summer tournament, but for now mark your calendar for August 22nd.

From Pam Kolko: I will continue to coordinate our casual Tuesday golf games. I have an email list from last year, but if you would like to be added or removed from the list please contact her.

Continue to watch for emails about the Member Guest, scheduled for July 10-11. Our Derby Day theme should be loads of fun for you and your guests.

Donations are needed to help fill raffle baskets. Suggested items are: bar and drink related items, spa items, gift certificates, specialty foods, garden accessories, fun items/accessories, etc.

Arrangements can be made for donations to be dropped off at Margie Hermanson's home. Or, bring your donations to any Saturday/Thursday ladies weekly tournament. Please call, text, or email Lanis Peterson and she will collect your your donation on whatever Saturday/Thursday you wish.

Donations are needed by JUNE 15 to allow time for Margie to assemble our baskets.

Lanis Peterson — Member Guest Chair

Handicap Update

There is a new sheriff in town (Bob Denis) and the Red Hawk Handicap Committee is joining the 21st Century with new technologies, programming, and monitoring tools. Our goal is to make golf fair and equitable for everyone. With the new tools that Bob has brought to the table, we will be able to monitor and identify irregularities and questionable posting patterns, efficiently and in a timely manner.

With universal access to multiple formats for posting scores on smart phones, home computers and the GHIN computer at Red Hawk, we ask that you post scores within 2 days of playing. That will allow the Handicap Committee to verify scores in a timely manner and address any irregularities prior to any potential impact to fellow players in competitions.

Ladies, it is your responsibility to post, not your humble Handicap Chairwoman. As I check scorecards I will be keeping a record of repeat non-posting members, and they may be disqualified from competitions.

Looking forward to a fabulous season with y'all!

Julia Goodermote — Handicap Chair

Eclectic Reminder

If you were at our General Meeting you know about the changes in recording our Eclectic scores.

You are now resonsible to record your scores on the boards in our Ladies Lounge. I will be doing spot checks to make sure they are correct. Remember, you do not have to fill out a Birdie slip anymore. You will need to circle your Birdie on your score card. Chip-in slips are still the same.

There is one more point of clarification necessary regarding 2019 Eclectic scoring. In order to record an EC score, a player must complete all 18 holes of the game, or the number of holes dictated by the game. Birdies and chip-ins will ONLY count if the game is completed.

Pam Kolko — Eclectic, Birdie and Chip-In ChairChair