May 2019

As one of the new rules from golf, whether to leave the stick in or out seems to be a puzzling point of conversation amongst all of us. Yves C. Ton-That gives some solid statistics which may help you make a decision while on the green. Click here to view the YouTube video for Yves advice. Kixie Pugh will be addressing answers to your rules questions in each newsletter. She has also posted all the new rules in the Ladies Lounge — be sure to ask her if you should need clarification on any of the rules.

Rae Morrow


RHWGC made their 2018 Philanthropic Donation in the amount of $500 to a very worthy cause. NNGA through Junior Connection, Inc. has just awarded Four $1,000 Scholarships and Four $500 Scholarships to eight worthy Northern Nevada High School Senior Women Golfers. These girls shared some important lessons that they have learned from playing golf and what it meant to them.

Following are exerts from three of the selected scholarship winners:

"Joining the golf team my freshman year taught me the importance of friendship, motivation, and discipline. My first semester of high school was very overwhelming, but the personable strangers on the team, who turned into my best friends, changed my whole high school experience. Golf taught me lots of skills that I apply to my everyday life, and that will continue with me throughout college and beyond."

"Golf and life are not perfect. A motto that I have applied to my golf game and life was stated by Chinna Sharma, 'Remember, you can't reach what's in front of you until you let go of what's behind of you.'"

"Through attending daily practices, I became aware of the focus and patience that was needed to excel in golf. I found myself gaining these qualities not only in golf, but also in my life. Golf began to affect the way I handled each day as I learned how to persevere through obstacles."

Your generous donation is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Kixie Pugh, Junior Connection Scholarship Committee



D'Hawk tournament: The first 30 players to send in their checks are good to CHA CHA CHA! Please mark your $35 check with D'Hawk in the note and mail to Deb Irish. Your entry includes a blind draw cocktail party, cart snacks, lunch, and more. For full details about the event click here.

Summer Fun Tournament: August 22 on the Lakes. Although we are in the initial planning stages of our tournament, it is not too early to start thinking about putting a team together. Watch the upcoming newsletters for more details!

Donations are needed to help fill raffle baskets.

Suggested items are: bar and drink related items, spa items, gift certificates, specialty foods, garden accessories, fun items/accessories, etc.

Arrangements can be made for donations to be dropped off at Margie Hermanson's home. Or, bring your donations to any Saturday/Thursday ladies weekly tournament. Please call, text, or email Lanis Peterson and she will collect your your donation on whatever Saturday/Thursday you wish.

Donations are needed by JUNE 15 to allow time for Margie to assemble our baskets.

Lanis Peterson — Member Guest Chair

Please Welcome Our New Member

DeAnna Barkley and husband Bobby, moved here from Roseville, CA. They chose the Red Hawk community because they both have family living here. DeAnna enjoys yoga 4-5 times a week so you may see her at the Red Hawk spa. Be sure to give her a big welcome when you see her at the club!

Eclectic Reminder

Hopefully you are getting used to posting your scores after golf. Golf Genius (Ben) is doing a great job of keeping a report of our scores. We have discovered Crier’s Tourney and Criss/Cross are impossible for Golf Genius to keep Eclectic scores, so we have made the decision not to include them in our list of games this year. Ben is making my job so much easier and for that I am forever grateful! In return I want to help him out by leaving those games out.

Again, thank you and keep up the good work! If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Pam Kolko — Eclectic, Birdie and Chip-In ChairChair


As I was about to write “Happy Spring, Finally,” I looked out the window and white stu? was blowing horizontally (April 30)! And it wasn’t petals! Surely winter must come to an end.

Monitoring score cards for non-posting and posting errors, I again am so proud of you all! I check each and every score card and we are at 98% compliance! I guess I scared you all by threatening the wrath of the Goddess of Golf!

One aberration that I have noted is some mistakes in “Equitable Stroke Control”. ESC is based on COURSE HANDICAP not your INDEX. Course Handicaps are listed on a bulletin board in the Ladies Lounge and in a binder at the posting computer in the clubhouse.

Per the USGA Handicap System Rules Book, ESC is used when a player’s actual or most likely score exceeds a maximum number, based on the table below:

Course Handicap Maximum Number
9 or less
10 through 19
20 through 29
30 through 39
40 or more
Double Bogey

Julia Goodermote — Handicap Chair


#1 "Do we HAVE to use our DRIVER to measure our one-club length?"

The length of your longest club other than your putter is your one-club length which is your relief area. Say your wedge is 35" and your driver is 45". You MAY measure your relief with your wedge and drop. The ball rolls 40" from your reference point. No re-drop is necessary as your relief area is still within the 45" as if you had used your driver. Your relief area is always the area you would have when using your longest club.

#2 "Do we get relief from AERATION holes on the green and in the fairway? If so, DROP or PLACE?

With regard to aeration holes, relief is available only if the Model Local Rule E-4 Relief from Aeration Holes is in effect. (It is at RH)

So, when in the FAIRWAY, relief may be taken in the general area's nearest point of complete relief, no nearer the hole and within one-club-length. The ball is to be DROPPED. Should it land in another hole, a second drop would be made. If the second drop ends in a hole, then place the ball where it hit the ground on the second drop.

On the GREEN, the ball is just PLACED on the nearest point of relief. In both of these cases, interference for stance is NOT part of the relief.

NOTE: As a ladies club we can use the local rule for our events without going through the course if we so choose.


Call or Text Kixie — Rules Chair


Now you can open the RHWGC website through a shortcut on your cellphone home screen. Contact Jane Myers through email me, or stop her the next time you see her at the club and she will install it directly on your phone.